lørdag 14. mars 2020


Well. Good evening. I know alot of things.
By now, the world should be flooding with messiah claimants other than David Icke, Sasha Stone, Vissarion and myself.
We are definitely in their end-game now. There will always be messiahs and that`s good. There are to few Jewish, Greek, pagan and Christian messiah-claimants in the western world.
Messiah translates to saviour.
There will always be saviours, and that`s a good thing.
Trump was one kind of saviour.
I will give you one more chance.
This Corona virus crisis is a wake up call from God; I and the prophets of our time have warned you for 12 years, and for the last 3 years, I have worked full-time to raise consciousness of the dangers of globalization... I have seen the future in my dreams and for 15 years, I have advocated returning to sustainable village development, tribal unity in balance with nature, no mass industry or nations other than military and government in my book state model, as things should be. Period.
For 15 fucking years.
If you cannot wake up now, I fear you never will. For your own safety; this will be the last warning from Gabriel: Here goes?
You do realize that population reduction of UN Agenda 21 is coming if you stay in this current globalist system of the beast? We need an Exodus from the state.
Sustainable villages eliminate problems of world-wide pandemics and projects by e.g humanitarian and religious organizations must be initiated today, because we do not have enough oil, nor cobalt for car batteries.
Our civilization is built to fall and revert back to bicycles, inter-continental travel through high-speed trains or boat, local living, either New Earth nation paradise Earth, or a New World Order a prison planet with government controlled population centres, no gasoline or airplanes, those are only for the military Marxist future state. You decide.
Alien species will be introduced to live among us, from outer space, do you not see their perverted dream, and the inevitable societal evolution is into and Abrahamic version paganism, the New Babylon.
With globalism, if you control the world`s money-supply, health organizations and viruses, you control the entire planet.
- Not so Anonymous anymore.
To meditate with. Wake up from waking up and create SOLUTIONS!

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