søndag 26. juli 2020

Devotion 1: Answering the most important questions.

God loves you crazy much, his is the true love, Heaven!
The roof is kilometers tall, with monstrous winged beings… Somewhat like Asgard in the first Thor movie, but just a lot bigger. The girls are always super-happy, beautiful, loving and dancing.
Most of what you believe is a lie, my friend.
Let me bless you with my all-spark of wisdom!
I particularly like to cuddle with the sphinxes, lions with wings.
Just look at all ancient architecture.
They guarded the royal palaces from the India to Egypt to Sumeria to the temple of Solomon to the Parliament outside Norway.
I think they like my face, they are very cuddly, and if you’re cool, they’ll let you fly on their back.
Some of them have blue braids in their beard and color their hair.
GRRR! They’re angry for me telling.
You will find Heaven to be much more… artistic than what you imagine.
There’s a place for everyone.
Amen… If only you knew what a world you were in.
What eternity is like – the wind, set in motion.
Seeds falling, new trees sprouting.
It is true that nothing ever dies.
Except from being deleted by the source-field superconscience,
Because G cannot recycle damaged files.
It is the only hypothetical way his expression, his multiverse, could work in.
And why fire in Hell?
Fire represents the root chakra, ignorance and carnal materialist desire.
Un-evolved chakra. But it can also be holy, transmuted.
It also represents the ultimate decay.
To understand this universe, you need to think in terms of nature parables, metaphysics.
What you call reality is the infinite creator’s expression of play.
Really, it’s a game, but it’s much more than that.
You are God expressing himself! In Judaism, we call it shekinah, sparks of light!
In Gnosticism, we call it the flame of Lucifer or Sophia.
I should explain to you what the hidden name of God really means:
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh translates to I am that I am.
So the I am, creator is the shekinah, Ashtar, inside of that which is, you.
Did you get that?
You are an eternal soul, and you know what that means?
You have infinite alchemical possibility.
God loves you.
In fact, all you see around you is a vibration of the creator’s expression of love.
I am actually not joking: Love is the mainframe of creation, which philosophically should be obvious, as it is Biblical. “God is love.”
Jesus, however, is “The Light”.
Believe me, this is the only hypothetical universe that could exist.
The only problem is you have forgotten your history, the eternity of your soul:
Your divine origin, purpose and destiny as gardeners of this Earth:
A symbiosis of absolute mathematical perfection.
You can transcend space and time!
And Jesus loves you as well. 😉
He is God’s son.

I hope this answered some of your questions.
There are many of you wandering, guiding people to the light.
But you fail to realize the prophets right before your very nose.
Let me help you.


Go away in peace and sin no more!

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